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Big Bet World mobile website – innovative and fresh user interface

The majority of established bookmakers follow the same design principles on their webpages. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as proven designs work and are familiar to most players. But sometimes you can innovate even on such established principles and this is exactly what Big Bet World has done. They have taken land based terminals as their inspiration and created a unique user interface, with large and colourful icons. This is especially aimed at touchscreen mobile devices, as this interface makes it easy to browse through match selection and place bets. Of course players can decide to use this site on desktop computers as well, it is just a matter of personal preference. BigBetWorld mobile optimized website later became the basis for their acclaimed iOS and Android native apps, which became an instant success at launch.

Visit Big Bet World mobile website, claim your Welcome bonus and start betting on your favorite teams.


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Visit Big Bet World mobile website, claim your Welcome bonus and start betting on your favorite teams.

A new take on classic website designs, Big Bet World decided to look over the fence and see how the land based sports betting terminals designed their interfaces. It quickly became obvious such designs were ideal for all touch screen devices, not just terminals, but for various tablets and smart phones as well. As a result, BigBetWorld mobile website user interface is a perfect blend of lessons learned on both terminals and websites.

Let us take a look at the features which can be found on the mobile website. Although it looks simplified compared to the main website, all functionalities are present here as well:

01 All markets, all offers, all bets

In its core mobile view is predominately just a different representation of the main website, so all sport events and bet types are available to players under same categories. Big Bet World has a huge selection of different bet types, sometimes over 500 per single event, ensuring every player finds something interesting to bet on.

Huge number of different bet types, over 500 per event

02 Pre-match and live betting, live match feed

While you can bet on all matches before they start, you can also bet on some already ongoing. Big Bet World offers an extensive list of live matches, and you can even watch some of them in a live feed, although the number of feeds could be improved on.

Place your bets before or after the match starts

03Live casino games

If you prefer live casino games or just need a break from sports betting, Big Bet World has you covered. They partnered with one of the best providers in the industry – Extreme Live Gaming from Novomatic, ensuring games are of the highest quality. You can play various table games, from baccarat to blackjack and roulette in many different versions, for instance Deutsches Roulette or Sizzling Hot Roulette.

For the real live casino experience

04 Optimized UI for fast browsing and bet placing

Designed specifically to be used by touch screen devices, mobile optimized website features a tailor made user interface, which allows players on mobile devices to browse the event selection and place bets with ease.

Optimized UI for fast browsing and betting

05 Superpay bonus with up to 80% bonus on your winnings

What makes Big Bet Word special is their Superpay bonus, which can also be found on the mobile website. All requirements and small print is the same as on the “regular” version: the more events you play, the higher the bonus.

Up to 80% Superpay bonus on combination tickets

06 Integrated cashier with latest security standards

Not just for placing bets, players can also use mobile website to manage their finances. Deposits and withdrawals are made directly on the site and are secured by the latest security and encryption standards.

Integrated cashier with latest security standards

07 Manage your account, limits, betting and transaction history

Mobile optimized website allows players to change or review their account settings and set specific limits. The whole betting and transaction history is also found here, so you can always review your previous actions.

Manage your personal account

08 Available in English and German languages

The whole mobile website is available in two different languages – English or German, between which you can switch instantly. Every part of the website is translated and uses the correct sports betting terminology players are accustomed to.

Available in English and German

09 Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Mobile website is governed by the same regulation body as the main website – Malta Gaming Authority. This ensures a fair platform which complies with all required laws, policies and rules, protecting players from fraud and underhand practices.

Licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority

How to open a new betting account on Big Bet World mobile website

If you do not have yet have an account at Big Bet World, you can create it directly one the mobile optimized website. There is a JOIN NOW button in the top right corner on the main screen, which begins the process. All you have to do is to enter your personal and desired account information, click on the link in the confirmation email and you are set to go.

  1. Click on the JOIN NOW button
  2. Enter your personal and account details
  3. Confirm the account via confirmation link

Integrated cashier for quick and secure banking options

All deposits and withdrawals can be made on the mobile website. There is a “My account” icon in the right upper corner, which leads you to the integrated cashier. There, among other options, you can select either deposit or withdrawal and are presented with different payment methods. All major payment providers are supported: Visa or MasterCard, Sofort, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe and bank transfer for deposits, or credit card and wire transfer for withdrawals. Minimum deposit is 10 EUR and there are no additional transaction costs involved.

Easy deposits and fast withdrawals

How to claim your 100 EUR Big Bet bonus

Every new player can claim a 100% up to 100 EUR welcome bonus on first deposit. The bonus is not completely automatic, as it requires you to contact Big Bet World support to claim it, so there is an additional step to complete. First you make your deposit and then contact their support over one of the available channels, email, phone or live chat, which is available on the main website. All you need to do is just inform them you would like to claim the bonus and that is it. The support staff is very friendly and will credit you the bonus immediately, so you can start playing right away. In case you do not wish to claim the bonus, you just make your deposit and place your first bet. But remember, if you do that the bonus can no longer be issued to your account, so be sure you do not want it, before you make that decision.

App is available on multiple mobile platforms

Claim your 100€ BONUS

Download latest iOS or Android Big Bet World mobile app and claim your 100€ BONUS.


Big Bet World mobile website real life usability test

What matters the most is how easy and intuitive is to place a simple bet. And we have to say Big Bet World really made this whole process extremely easy on their mobile optimized website. Similar to land based terminals, the majority of user interface elements are large and equipped with pictures, so it is very easy to find your favorite sport or live casino game. After you find and press or click on your desired sport, you are taken to the next level in which you choose the competition or league and so on until you get to the exact match you wish to bet on.

This tree structure works really well, all the way down to the bet type selection. And there are many different bet types to select from. There are the more ordinary ones, such as 1st half goals, number of corners per half time and similar, and there are also some more extraordinary, like first ten minutes 3way or halftime double chance. All in all there is an incredible number of different bet type to choose from, for some events reaching into hundreds. It is not unusual to see more than 500 different bet types on a single match.

Even if you own a mobile device with a smaller screen, the whole process is completely hassle free. Making multiple bets places them on the bet slip, where you can review or change them at any time. When you are satisfied with your selection, the bet slip is where you finalize the process by selecting the bet amount. Here is where you can also choose between single, combination or system bet ticket. Possible win and Superpay bonus are calculated automatically in real time, so the moment you change anything, it is reflected immediately on your bet slip.

Thanks to the user friendly and intuitive interface this whole process is incredibly easy. Everything is at your fingertips: match selection, bet types, ticket type and so on. Icons are positioned just where you expect them to be, so there is no fumbling around looking for desired options. In our opinion this is one of the best user interfaces we have seen lately, bringing the best from land based terminals to mobile devices.

Management of your Big Bet World account on mobile website

You have the same level of control over your personal account settings on mobile optimized website as you have on the desktop version. Among other things this includes preferred display language, odds type (decimal, fractional, American), how events are displayed, password change, limits, self-exclusion etc. Players can review their current personal detail and account settings at any time, although due to legislative reasons some of them are fixed and cannot be changed. All these options can be found in the account settings menu in the upper right corner, where the integrated cashier for deposits and withdrawals resides as well.

Final verdict – taking the best from land based terminals

It certainly seems that looking at how land based terminals design their user interface was a good idea. The lessons terminals had to learn from the start also apply to most mobile touch screen devices. Large, easy to press icons really help players navigate the website and eliminate a lot of pixel hunting problems occurring on competitive webpages. Big Bet World managed all that without cutting any of the main functionalities found on their main website, which is not always the case when companies are designing simplified interfaces. Account management, first deposit bonus, Superpay bonus, huge number of different bet types, everything can be found on the mobile website. The only feature we missed was the instant chat, but this is not a deal breaker. We can easily recommend mobile website to all mobile device users which can’t or won’t use the native iOS or Android app, as it brings ease of use from land based terminals directly to your phone or tablet.