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Big Bet World Android app review - sports betting on your Android device

Everybody in the sports betting world is aware of this fact – if you want the best possible mobile betting experience, you have to use a native app. Some bookmakers take this more seriously than others, so apps can substantially differ in quality. Big Bet World managed to develop an incredible user experience on their website, so we were very excited to take a better look at their Android app. Based heavily on their mobile optimized website, the native Big Bet World Android app takes it up a notch and is perfect for all Android devices, be it Samsung or some other brand. Due to legal restrictions it will not be available on the official Google Play Store, but can instead be directly downloaded from Big Bet World. The whole installation process is very quick and secure, so you don’t need to worry. In our opinion this is one of the best sports betting apps available and should be on the list of every true sports betting enthusiast.

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Big Bet World Android app features – everything you need

We have to answer the biggest question first, has BigBetWorld’s native Android app kept all the functionalities you can find on their mobile optimized website? And the answer is a resounding yes. On top of that, everything runs smoother, regardless of the Android version or device manufacturer. We tested the app on many different devices, from Samsung tablets to Huawei phones, it worked flawlessly every time.

A list of main features you can find on BigBetWorld Android app is extensive and should cover most if not all of your sports betting needs. To name just a few:

01 All markets, all offers, all bets

There are no limitations in the Android app regarding match or bet variety. All sport events and bet types you can find on the main website are present in the native app as well. And that is a lot if we might add, BigBetWorld offers a huge amount of special bet types, in many cases over 500 per single event. If you find this overwhelming, you can also check the most popular or last minute bets by other players, for a quick idea or two.

Huge number of different bet types, over 500 per event

02 Pre-match and live betting, live match feed

Not just pre-match, you can also place bets once the event starts. You can choose from a very extensive list and can even watch some of them on live feed, although not as many as we would want.

Place your bets before or after the match starts

03 Optimized UI for fast browsing and bet placing

User interface on mobile devices must follow different rules compared to desktop applications. This Android app was built ground up with mobile devices in mind, allowing players to browse and place bets smoothly and quickly.

Optimized UI for fast browsing and betting

04 Superpay bonus with up to 80% bonus on your winnings

A standout feature in BigBetWorld, Superpay bonus found its way on native Android app as well. All the features and conditions are the same as on desktop, meaning the more combinations you play, the higher the bonus.

Up to 80% Superpay bonus on combination tickets

05 Integrated cashier with latest security standards

In case you must make a quick deposit or withdrawal worry not, cashier is integrated in the app itself. All transactions are secured by the latest mobile security and encryption standards, so your funds are always kept safe.

Integrated cashier with latest security standards

06 Manage your account, limits, betting and transaction history

In case you need to change your account setting or review your betting and transactions history, Android app has you covered. You can even set account limits and apply them instantly.

Manage your personal account

07 Available in English and German languages

The native Android app comes in two supported languages, English and German. You can switch between them instantly, without restarting the app. Both use the correct sports betting terminology, which players are accustomed to.

Available in English and German

08 Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

All policies and rules which apply to BigBetWorld in general, apply to Android app as well. This ensures all background processes are fair and comply with Malta Gaming Authority legal framework.

Licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority

Installation of Big Bet World Android app in five easy steps

Android app install first step

Step 1 Have a Big Bet World account

Android app install second step

Step 2 Visit their mobile site on your Android

Android app install third step

Step 3 Download the native Android app

Android app install fourth step

Step 4 Allow installation from external sources

Android app install final step

Step 5 Install the app

How to open a new betting account in Big Bet World android app

If you do not have yet have an account at Big Bet World, you can create it directly from the app, which is available as a free download. There is a JOIN NOW button on the main screen, which begins the process. All you have to do is to enter your personal and desired account information, click on the link in the confirmation email and you are set to go.

  1. Click on the JOIN NOW button
  2. Enter your personal and account details
  3. Confirm the account via confirmation link

Integrated cashier for quick and secure banking options

Deposits and withdrawals can be made using the integrated cashier found in the app itself. To start the process you must click on the wallet icon in the upper right corner. This will open the cashier, where you can select either deposit or withdrawal. You can deposit using one of these payment methods: credit card, Sofort, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe or bank transfer. Minimum deposit is 10 EUR for all methods except bank transfer, where the minimum is 50 EUR. Withdrawals can be made either on the credit card, e-bank or wire transfer. No matter which method you choose there are no transaction costs involved.

Easy deposits and fast withdrawals

How to claim your 100 EUR Big Bet bonus

If you are new to Big Bet world, you can claim a 100% up to 100 EUR welcome bonus on your first deposit. By itself the process is not complicated, but it takes a little more effort on the Android app. Once you make your deposit, you must contact support to claim the bonus. If you were on desktop, you could contact them using the live chat, but this functionality is not yet available on Android (it should be included in future updates). So you must either contact them by phone or email, which is not as convenient. If you do not wish to play with bonus just start betting. But remember, that will forfeit the bonus, as it cannot be credited to your account once you place your first bet.

App is available on multiple mobile platforms

Claim your 100€ BONUS

Download latest iOS or Android Big Bet World mobile app and claim your 100€ BONUS.


Big Bet World Android app personal experience – real world scenarios

The main functionality of a sports betting app is, no surprise there, the process of placing bets. This is done incredibly well on the Android app, no matter if you are using a phone or a tablet. It really reflects the lessons learned on land based terminals and mobile view site. Main menu gives the player an opportunity to choose between different sports, with every step giving you a more detailed choice, until you reach a specific event. All of this is presented with large and easy to press buttons.

When you found the event you are interested in a host of bet types is presented to you. There are the more obvious ones of course, such as outright winner, 1st half goals, corners per half time and similar, but Big Bet World offers so much more. Most events have an incredible amount of more special bet types as well, sometimes reaching numbers of above 500. These include bets such as first ten minutes 3way or halftime double chance and really take sports betting to a whole another level.

Again, everything is designed to be as practical as possible on touch screens, and it is quite comfortable to place bets even on smaller mobile phone screens. Each bet type you choose is put on the betting slip, which is always available in the background. When you are done selecting bet types, bet slip is the place where you set the stake amount and decide on the ticket type, be it either single, combination or system bet. Possible Superpay bonus is calculated automatically depending on your event selection and stake, which we found incredibly helpful.

We found the whole process incredibly simple, everything just made sense. This is due to the excellent user interface, in which every element is placed exactly where you expect it to be. Compared to some other Android apps, this one really stands out. Big Bet World has done an amazing job, and although there is always room for improvement, this one will be hard to beat.

Management of your Big Bet World account in Android app

You can manage your personal account settings directly from the app, so there is no need to use the desktop version if you do not wish. A couple of more noteworthy settings you can manage are the display language, odds type (decimal, fractional, American) and event display, but you can also change your password for instance, or activate self-exclusion in case you feel you no longer have control. In the same menu you can also review your personal details and account status, but these are locked due to legal constraints. The settings menu can be found in the upper left corner, together with shortcuts to integrated cashier, legal notifications and log out button.

Final verdict – one of the best sports betting Android apps

We went into this review with high expectations from Big Bet World and their Big Bet World Android app, mainly due to their track record in creating excellent user interfaces. The experience they gained shows itself in the app as well, as the design is almost perfect. From the technical perspective the app is both fast and stable, resulting in zero problems encountered. Features found on the desktop version are all present on Android, which is not always the case. Some of the other apps we reviewed were cut down versions, but Big Bet World went the extra mile and included them all. With one exception of course, the instant chat support, which is planned to be added in future versions. All in all, Big Bet World delivered with their native Android app and even compared with better known competition has some tricks up their sleeve. If you are a sports betting enthusiast, this app is simple to recommend, go and try it out.